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Paul Tracey has inspired me to be my best, most healthy self. I've been able to achieve my fitness goals by following his recommendations and participating in his fitness classes. After 6 years and 3 kids, I'm starting again and am confident he'll snap be back into shape!   -Karen Veras

Hi My name is Peggy and this is my story.


I started doing exercise classes with Paul Tracey at Youfit back on January 04, 2018. I was at my heaviest weight near 300 pounds. I would workout 3 or 4 days a week, I noticed the pounds started to drop..I signed up for personal training with Paul in the same year 2018, he is very motivated, hardcore coach, he kept pushing me and he never gave up on me. Paul’s training  is not like everyone else, he made run which I never thought I could do that, lots of.cardio and a combination of weights with a healthy meals plan provided by Paul,.helped tremendously in my weight loss goal. My body had been transforming, shredding inches from arms, waist, legs and back. I am currently under his training and will continue my weight loss journey with him. -Peggy


Paul has been a major impact on my life as it regards to my health and fitness.

Firstly he is a great motivator, he motivates me to keep pushing and constantly reminds me of all the reasons I should remain healthy and the benefits involved.

Paul has a passion for what he does, he wants the best for each of us and that makes me want to work even harder to achieve my goals, he does it from the heart and that makes me want to continue to push.

Another thing that Paul does he makes sure that apart from the work we are putting in we are also eating right, he give suggestions and also is available and willing to.answer any of our concerns as it regards to my  eating habits , meal prep etc

Paul is a true inspiration and motivator who is extremely patient and passionate about what he does, with this being said I can't see myself working out with anyone else but Paul.

Thank you Paul for.what you have been doing for me and for the rest of us who you have been impacting.





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