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Class Schedule

Army Boots

Outdoor Bootcamp
Mondays @7pm

Kick Boxing

Tuesdays @630pm
Sculpt Class
Tuesdays @730pm

Army Boots

Strength Training
Wednesdays @730pm


Kick Boxing

Core Training

    Thursdays @650pm

 Kickboxing Plus
Thursdays @730pm




......  be the best you!

Mondays...Lifestyle Bootcamp @ 7:00pm / Tuesdays... Yoga For All @630pm, and Tone & Sculpt@7:30pm / Wednesdays..Strength Training @ 7:30pm and Thursdays...Core30@650,and Kickboxing@730pm(View waiver below)

Lifestyle Bootcamp 

Our outdoor boo camp classes will challenge your cross training, aerobics, and anaerobic abilities. Using multiple equipments our boot camp program is a one hour long workout that is fun, effective and produces the desired results. Our boot camp is for everyone regardless of your fitness level, where necessary we’ll provide modifications. 


Kickboxing Plus

Our one hour kickboxing class is designed for fat burning and weight loss. Using a combination of weights, steps, and martial arts this kickboxing class is fun, and energetic. 


Strength Training

Using weights, resistance bands and steps, our one hour high-intensity interval training is designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscles. A complete upper and lower body workout using a combination of barbells, resistance bands and more.

Yoga For All

Yoga that considers all bodies and ability. Its accessible to everyone and multiple variations are taught allowing the poses to be adapted to specific needs and ability.

Please sign and submit before signing up for enrolling in our classes. 

The simplest way to submit waiver  is to e-sign an upload. Second option is to download pdf, print pdf, manually sign pdf, upload pdf to our website before purchasing ant classes. 

Upload Waiver
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